Highty-Tighty Alumni

Being a Highty-Tighty is not limited to the four years that you are a student at Virginia Tech. you are a Highty-Tighty for life! You'll form strong bonds with your fellow Highty-Tighties, and they'll be your friends for life. But the experience goes far beyond that. Long after graduation, many Highty-Tighty alumni state that the Regimental Band is the most influencial organization in their lives and recount how what they learned in the Band contributed significantly to their successes in both military and civilian life.

Founded in 1975, the Highty-Tighty Alumni, Inc. has been an active organization supporting the Regimental Band in several important ways. Alumni have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars that have gone to fund the Highty-Tighty stipend of $1,000, given to each entering freshman, and to Emerging Leader Scholarships which have been received by many bands members over the years. Other scholarships are also provided by alumni to outstanding members of the Band.

Another way the alumni provide support is to be mentors to the freshmen each year. If you become a freshman in the band, you will be assigned an alumnus mentor who will keep in touch with you at least once a semester, providing encouragement and advice as you navigate the challenges of college life. They can share what being a Highty-Tighty has meant to them, and help you feel like a part of the larger Highty-Tighty family right from the start.

HT Alumni

The alumni organization is also charged with seeing that the long-standing tradition of excellence are maintained by the present Band.

Each year, more than 100 Highty-Tighty alumni take time to return to campus for homecoming. Many form the Highty-Tighty Alumni Band which participates in the homecoming parade through Blacksburg and at the pre-game show in Lane Stadium. Friendship are renewed, and there is fun and fellowship at an alumni party called "Gunny Fest." An annual banquet and general meeting is also held by the Highty-Tighty Alumni, Inc. and the present band members during the homecoming weekend.

The Highty-Tighty alumni are living proof of what the Regimental Band means to those who were cadets as far back as sixty years ago. Their generosity in supporting the Regimental Band is a true testament to what being a member of this unique and outstanding organization means to those who have experienced it for many decades. Our purpose is to see that the experience is available to many generations yet to come.

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